Clinical Toxicology Unit

The Clinical Toxicology Unit consists of a team of physicians and a Toxicology Nurse Educator who are involved in the clinical care of patients with poisonings and venomous bites and stings. 

Patients presenting with acute poisonings or venomous bites and stings are managed as inpatients. Patients with chronic poisoning due to heavy metals like mercury, lead and arsenic are also evaluated and managed with chelation therapy. The unit provides Interdepartmental consultations across the Institution. The Outpatient department provides ambulatory care for patients with chronic poisonings, post-discharge follow-up of patients with acute poisonings and the management of substance use disorders.

Outpatient Department – Clinical Toxicology and Occupational Health OPD (CMC Main campus) Timings:  
Tuesday (8AM to 5PM)
Wednesday (2 PM to 5PM)
Friday (8AM to 5PM)

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