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Welcome to the CMC Poison Control Centre

The Poison Control Centre at CMC Vellore was established in 2019 after a decade-long effort, in response to multiple toxicological risks in the region and challenges faced by patients in accessing quality medical care. The CMC Poison Control Centre consists of a Poisons Information Centre, a Clinical Toxicology Unit, and an Analytical Toxicology Laboratory.

poisons information centre

The CMC Poisons Information Centre is a 24-hour free service, active 7 days a week throughout the year, that provides emergency information related to poisonings and venomous bites & stings. The calls are received by physicians with experience and training in Clinical Toxicology. Callers may be healthcare providers like doctors, nurses or paramedics or the public.

The service can be accessed through 

Do you have a query about any of the following?

– Accidental or intentional poisoning
– Snakebite
– Scorpion sting or centipede bite
– Bee or wasp sting
– Industrial or workplace-related chemical incidents

Do you need advice or assistance with clinical diagnosis in patients with poisoning or snakebite?

When calling the poison centre, be ready to provide the following information:

1. Symptoms
2. Age and weight of the person
3. Time of the incident
4. Name of the product and ingredients (if known)
5. Amount of product involved
6. Any first aid already performed


Get emergency help for Poisonings, Bites & Stings!