Community Outreach

The Poison Control Centre carries out a wide range of educational and training activities that target high-risk groups, rural communities and school children, educating patients and their families on the safe storage of pesticides, medication and household chemicals, snakebite prevention, substance abuse and occupational health and safety; conducting village visits and community awareness programmes for snakebite prevention and first aid.

Programs for High-risk Groups 

Educational interventions amongst high-risk communities currently include: 

  • Engagements with leather and chemical industries on safety, personal protective equipment use and first aid.
  • Occupational health camps for leather Industry workers focusing on women workers
  • Sessions for CMC employees on chemical hazards in the workplace

Occupational health camp for shoe factory & tannery workers in Ambur, Tamil Nadu

Occupational health camp for shoe factory workers in Thirupathur, Tamil Nadu

Chemical safety session for CMC employees – demonstrating the use of Personal Protective Equipment

Programs for School Children 

The CMC-PIC also carries out educational programs for school children, focusing on general concepts of safety and first aid, snake biology and snakebite prevention and first aid. These sessions complement educational sessions on safe storage of medications, pesticides and household chemicals designed for parents of children visiting the Department of Child Health at CMC.

Snakebite Prevention and First-Aid

The PIC organises regular community awareness programs on snakebite prevention and pre-hospital care in villages around Vellore. The annual “snakebite survivors’ meet” is a novel approach which brings together prior victims of snakebite, empowering them be peer-educators who would champion snakebite prevention in the communities they belong to. 

Session on snakebite prevention at Larsen & Toubro, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu

Demonstration of limb immobilization during a virtual session with UNIPHOS ENVIROTRONIC PVT. LTD. Vapi, Gujarat

A snakebite victim turned peer-educator, Sholingur village, Tamil Nadu.

International Snakebite Awareness Day

Every year since 2018, 19th of September has been commemorated the world over as the International Snakebite Awareness Day. The PIC has organised various events towards increasing awareness of the problem of snakebite through a range of activities like quizzes, poster competitions, stalls and scientific sessions.

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