CMC Nursing Team Publishes a study on “Knowledge regarding Snakebite prevention and first-aid management”

A descriptive study was undertaken to determine the knowledge regarding snake bite prevention and first aid management among 169 adults attending the Outpatient Department service in a tertiary hospital. A cross-sectional study design with a random sampling technique was used to select the participants. Self-administered knowledge questionnaire on general awareness, prevention of snake bites, and first aid management was administered. Descriptive statistics and Chi-square were used to analyze the data. Males accounted for 72.19% of the study subjects, and 40.83% are from the rural community. Of the subjects, 66.86% reported that they had never witnessed a snake bite victim in the past. General awareness about snake bites was found among 15.38%, 87.57% of them had adequate knowledge of snake bite prevention while 39.64% had adequate knowledge of first aid management for snake bites. There was no significant association between general awareness, knowledge regarding snake bite prevention, and first aid management among the subjects with socio-demographic variables. Study findings denote the need for more awareness programs among the general public to enlighten them on this neglected yet preventable public health concern. The paper was published in the International Journal of Scientific Research


Jan 01 2020 - May 31 2023


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