CMC observes International Snakebite Awareness Day in Vellore

The Poison Control Center of Christian Medical College (CMC) Hospital observed the sixth International Snakebite Awareness Day on its campus in Vellore on Tuesday.

According to a press release, the day marked the culmination of year-long activities that were organized to increase awareness of snakebite prevention and appropriate first aid among various communities in Vellore. In the past year, the Poisons Information Centre of the CMC visited villages in Vellore, reaching out to about 20,000 people and training nearly 700 people in snakebite prevention and first aid.

The center also organized the “Annual Snakebite Survivors’ Meet” for prior victims of snakebite, a video-making competition for school students, undergraduate and postgraduate students of medicine, nursing, and allied health sciences on snakebite prevention, first aid, and ‘STING-2023’ — an annual postgraduate Inter-collegiate quiz on toxicology and snakebite mitigation.


Sep 19 2023


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