STING 2022 – PG Quiz on Toxinology and Snakebite Mitigation

On 19 September this year, we mark the Fifth International Snakebite Awareness Day. Let us use this occasion to remember that one Indian dies of snakebite every five minutes. This adds up to more than 50,000 deaths each year, the majority of which occur in poor rural communities.  India has the highest number of snakebite deaths in the World and all of us can join together to reduce this number to zero through prevention, improved treatments, and most of all education of communities and health providers. 

It is in this spirit that we announce  “STING 2022 – A Post-Graduate Quiz on Toxinology and Snakebite Mitigation” on 17-09-2022. The aim of this quiz is to introduce medical post-graduates to the exciting field of Clinical Toxinology and arm them with the basic principles needed to manage snakebite envenoming, other venomous bites and stings, and plant poisonings, in addition to sensitizing them to the key strategies in snakebite mitigation.  

Date: 17-09-2022

Venue: Jacob Chandy Hall, Paul Brand Building, Christian Medical College, Vellore

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Sep 17 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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